Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Most stylish X-factor contestant...

Every Saturday and Sunday night, hundreds of people all across the nation sit around their telly's in anticipation to watch the X-Factor. Many people will be focusing on the contestants vocal ability...however some people (like me) are focused on their styling ability. Although some may argue that this is entirely missing the point of the show, it is a very interesting part of it.
For instance when Katie Waissel wore that bizarre headgear on the first live show, or when Paije was slammed by Simon for his choice of jacket on several occasions.

I would have to say, after watching all the live shows religiously, there are some contestants style that stands out more than others.The two particular contestants that have stood out are Rebbecca and Cher, as they seem to have very different and distinct tastes and know what look they are going for, unlike Katie who was all over the place! (who told her that haircut was a good idea?)

Rebbecca Ferguson's style is very timeless and echos the elegant, classic era's of the 30's, 40's, 50's. She knows what works and what doesn't when going for that look, which is highly important if it is to be carried out well. Going for classic simple shapes and timeless accessories plays a huge part in how she looks so effortlessly elegant. Rebbecca has never failed to impress with her fantastic wardrobe choices every Saturday, and her personal style always shines through.

 Cher Lloyd's unique mix of grunge and street style speaks volumes, her outfits always mange to seem effortlessly pulled together, and pieces that shouldn't conventionally go together at all, look great together! For example a tutu and flower print Doc Martins should probably never work but Cher pulls it off with her signature head scarf and black corset top, giving the look a grunge-glam appeal.

Singing aside, the contestant who gets my vote for the best style would be Rebbecca, as her style is elegant, classic and will stand the test of time, whereas Cher's fashion sense is more of the moment trends that come and go, and as Coco Chanel once said "Fashion fades, only style remains the same".

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Elle Talent Competition 2010

So I decided to enter the Elle Talent Competition, which was a contest for budding writers to have the chance to be published in Elle magazine! The competition entailed writing 900 words on the question 'Do I really need another pair of shoes?'. I am just wishing now they did essay questions like this at school :D .
This is my entry, I hope you enjoy reading it!

Do you really need another pair of shoes? 

I was on a shopping trip to London with my auntie, I was a timid, twelve year old at the time, just starting secondary school, and not quite fitting in, and it was my first “proper” shopping trip I had ever been on. As we wandered around various designer boutiques, filled with beautiful exquisite clothes, I felt overwhelmed, and as I stroked candy coloured cashmere jumpers and luxurious fur stoles I thought to myself that I could never afford or ever be worthy of anything that beautiful.
The last stop of the day was at Alexander McQueen, by this time I was tired and wanted to go home, I slumped on a chair in the middle of the shop, fed up. My auntie was browsing though numerous selections of shoes, she stopped when she found a pair of deep purple patent knee high high heeled boots. She held them up for me to see, and with one glance I was bewitched. They were the loveliest pair of shoes I had ever seen, I urged her to try them on. I suddenly forgot about being exhausted the moment I saw them .This was the very first time I realised I needed those shoes, however, being twelve it was obviously never going to happen.
I imagined how my life would be different if I had them, I would no longer be the shy girl, which lacked confidence. Suddenly I was stylish, “cool”, in this imaginary world I could do what I liked when I liked, I was adventurous and daring, and when my auntie took the boots off and decided to leave them, my heart sank. My idea of the new “me” shattered. I longed for them on the train home, I wanted to go back to the boutique and stare at them, touch them just one more time. I loved the way the boots made me feel so much more confident, it shocked me how just one pair of boots could make me feel so special, and take me to this make-believe world, where I was a girl who actually mattered and didn’t shrink into invisibility. I made myself a promise that day that I would do what I could to own a pair of shoes that would make me feel that way again. When I got home I excitedly told my mother about them, right down to last fine detail. I told a few friends at school; however nobody seemed to understand why I was so infatuated with just a pair of shoes.
A pair of shoes. They are an object. Yes. An object of desire? Maybe. An object of meaning? For a certain person, definitely. A pair of shoes can mean so much more than a stylish accessory to complement your outfit; they can be an item of great significance, it’s just as they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That certain pair of shoes could give you the confidence boost you had needed all week or all year, instantly improving your mood no matter how bad your day was, and stating the obvious they can make you happy, some may say it is a fleeting happiness lasting only moments, however I think that every time you put on that pair of shoes, the shoes that made your heart skip a beat when you saw them in the shop, you will feel a hell of a lot better than you did before.
So do you really need another pair of shoes? My answer is a definite yes. If they make you feel like the most important person in the world, or even if they make you feel more confident. Each pair of shoes tells a story to that individual; they will always be reminded of why and when they bought them, and how they made them feel and what they felt like every time they slipped them on. It was that pair of purple knee high boots that made me realise the importance and significance of a pair of shoes. Because for some people, like an awkward twelve year old who hadn’t quite found her “niche”, a pair of shoes are much more than expensive leather, good craftsmanship and a designer name, they hold a meaning; whether it’s to be more confident, have faith in yourself or to not stop believing that you will find another pair of shoes that will make you feel fabulous once again.
And to this day I have not just found one pair of shoes that made me feel that fabulous again, but found many pairs of shoes, that each tell a story, each have personal meaning and every one of them make me feel the way those Alexander McQueen shoes did that day…well almost, I mean they were Alexander McQueen. Like an exited twelve year old on her first ever shopping trip, seeing what was to her the most amazing pair of shoes in the world, that made her feel on top of the world.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Rumor has it...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, rumors spread. Fast. Like wildfire they consume everything, nearly every topic of conversation, and like poison they contaminate and destroy what was once a good reputation, and before you know it, anybody who is dense enough to believe, is obsessed by an untrue, misconception that they believe is the "truth". When really they are so very far away from the actual facts, they can't see the line between the real truth and twisted lies. 
But they don't care, they believe what they want,they choose to get involved, start fights. Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with them, they do this just to make their lives, more interesting...more dramatic. They don't realise, how pathetic they are being, and they obviously don't realise that there are actual people behind the rumors which they are taking as the sworn "truth". People that have feelings, and people that can get hurt.
Not all people are like this though, some don't believe what is being said, as they don't have the cold hard facts that they need to make a judgement. These people are the kind who make up their own mind about what is being said, and will not be brainwashed like the people who are believing the rumors . They also realise that it is none of their business and should not get involved. These people are intelligent, and sharp,  and will not be dragged in to a twisted little world of lies and venom.
However unfortunately not all people are like this, and some  will believe what they want, even if the truth is being offered to them. They don't want to know the whole story, because they don't want to care. They do however, care to listen to made up drivel, fueled by childish grudges and a poisonous, needless hate, just because its more "interesting".
Imagine how this makes the people who the rumors are being spread about feel. Awful. It makes them feel awful. Isolated, paranoid and disgusted that people can be so cruel. Always looking to see who has heard the rumor, looking to see who's staring, who's whispering, who's gossiping. Leaving them a nervous wreck.
But do the people who choose to believe this lie care? No. Of course not. The reason being, they are too full of their own self importance too listen to the entire story, so they believe the rumor, and they judge, despite how it makes others feel.
They judge without knowing the whole story, make snide comments, stare, give black looks. People you were once friendly with, turn on you. Turn on you simply because they are too ignorant to listen the whole story.
There are always two sides to each story, and before you have heard them both you are in no position to judge.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

First Ever Post!- Wish List

So, this is my first post on my blog! 
I'm going to start out with a light topic so I've decided to start with fashion...
I'm completely broke at the moment but am coveting some staple items for autumn/winter, and am trying to scrape some money together to afford them- so far its not going well...but hopefully a few more mopped floors and cleaned windows and I should be halfway there.
So the some of the trends for autumn winter are minimalist ladylike-ness seen on the catwalks at Celine, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton, and British heritage adventurer-ness from Burberry.
And after falling in love with Burberrys' thigh high leather sheepskin trimmed buckle boots I couldn't help but search for a cheaper alternative, and I have found one! These gorgeous boots from New Look are one of the items I am craving for this autumn as they are so fierce and glam, and surprisingly comfortable! 

Another item on my list for a/w is a cape  from Pied a Terre...not the batman kind of course , but if you ask me it should have super hero qualities because of it's gorgeous-ness, but at £180 it's probably not going to happen, but I'm still on the hunt for a cheaper alternative...

Batman would be proud
I am also loving the recent trend in satchels, and have ordered one off the Internet...but is hasn't arrived still after 4 weeks! Starting to get kind of suspicious about the whereabouts of my bag...but if all fails I'll get a refund and head over to A Wear and get this gorgeous bag...

And lastly on my list: for some reason  I am already planning ahead for the party season, and have found this lovely little number from Blush, I think it would look great dressed up with heels or down with flats :)


 So that's some of  my must- have list for Autumn/Winter, all I need to do now is get scrubbing those where's my mop...